Albion Catalog 2020

3 Download • Quickly configure models • Download native CAD formats • Download datasheets • Easily share with your team 3DCAD Models and Datasheets! Online: App: Search “Caster CAD 3D” 2" WIDE MEDIUM HEAVY DUTY (up to 2,000 lbs.) STAINLESS STEEL (up to 3,000 lbs.) DUAL WHEELS (up to 30,000 lbs.) SPRING LOADED (up to 3,000 lbs.) PNEUMATIC (up to 7,260 lbs.) PAGES 87-99 PAGES 113-117 HEAVY DUTY KINGPINLESS & KINGPIN (up to 20,000 lbs.) PAGES 75-86 PAGES 41-74 PAGES 100-112 A LEADING BRAND OF THE GLOBAL LEADER IN CASTERS AND WHEELS • The industry leader and most complete product offering in the world • The highest value for your caster dollar • One-stop shopping for nearly any application and budget • The most experienced engineering, sales, manufacturing, and quality teams • Local service worldwide , ready for any business need With advanced manufactur- ing and distribution facilities located around the world, we continuously invest in our proprietary supply chain and leading portfolio of USA Made casters to provide the best value to our customers. Utilizing the latest in available technologies, Colson Group USA’s global design and engineering teams ensure every detail in product performance, materials, and aesthetics are delivered to meet and exceed industry and customer expectations. As an active ICWM member, we help define industry testing standards (ANSI ICWM: 2012). Leading test labs and global quality systems confirm our casters meet stringent quality standards, allowing up to a 3-year standard warranty on select series. Delivering truly one-stop shopping, our experienced inside and outside support teams help customers identify the right caster from our leading product portfolio to ensure your expectations and business requirements are met on every order. MANUFACTURING ENGINEERING SERVICE QUALITY n QUICK-START PRODUCT CATEGORIES Full Visual Table of Contents Follows on Next Pages >> PAGES 23-39