Colson Catalog 2017 800-643-5515 Designed, tested and proven—for over 130 years. Since 1885, Colson’s quality lines of casters and wheels have defined the caster industry. Leading warranties and continuous innovations, including the unrivaled Performa wheel, have established Colson as one of the most trusted caster brands in the world today. At Colson, we strive to protect and strengthen our legacy of trust and innovation in everything we do. Colson offers over 200,000 different standard caster models, plus the expertise and technology to provide a custom solution for any caster application. Contact us today, and put our experts to work for you in specifying the perfect Colson caster! Visit for official Colson warranty information. To assure our products are of the utmost quality, we test to the highest standards and continually evaluate all production results and processes. That’s why we offer the industry’s leading 3-year warranty for all Colson branded products. The Most Trusted Casters IN THE WORLD Associations / Memberships: Many Colson casters are NSF listed for use in the food services industry. Look for this logo to indicate qualifying products.